Bun Busters 17

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Описание: In Please Bust My Buns, Willow has always wondered if she had the right to be a bun buster kind of girl... tonight, with the able bodies assistance of London, she proves without a doubt that she's got it, and the busted buns to prove it! Next, in Just One Stroke, Vanilla's late for work, but Nick's got a hankering for chocolate, and before she goes, he convinces her to take a ride with him up the ol' rocky road... they exit at the hershey highway, where the deed is done in you guessed it... just one stroke. Finally, in Heads or Tails, the evenings fate of Kursty's fanny is decided by Rick and Nick with the flip of a coin.. Rick wins the toss and by the end of the scene, there's little doubt that the choice of champions is definitely tails!
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