Lessons In Lust

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Описание: This rip comes courtesy of "Mougah" over at VEF. However, I've cropped out the annoying watermark, and seriously lowered the Saturation and Hue. The reason this is one of my most favorite late 80's movies is simple; One of Buffy Davis' BEST scenes (...she looks Amazing!!!), Jeanna Fine NEVER looked sexier (...I'm a sucker for FF nylons and garterbelts - if you have't noticed- yet.), and IMHO - This is THE BEST Porsche Lynn has ever looked, and it's her HOTTEST scene!!! There is only one GLARRINGLY, NAUSEATING flaw with this flick... ahem - Viper (...THE most unbangable piece of Skank Meat who's ever hit the blue screen!) I just wish Danielle did a complete MF scene instead of a BJ only, and a muff bump with "Skankzilla". Enjoy.